Sunday, October 02, 2005

Dotson barbecue?

ImNotEmeril, Shameless Commerce Division....
Chad has this post up about the Kilgore barbecue in Scott County. In it he muses about holding a Dotson Barbecue.
I think that's a great idea, Chad.
If you do decide to follow through might I suggest you consider these guys;
Checkered Pig from Martinsville.
These guys go all over the country entering competitions, and they win!
Tommy Houston, the owner, is a former City Fireman and operates the Pigs R Us restaraunt in Martinsville. (He is also the big brother to my brother-in-law (my little sister's husband), but that has nothing to do with my endorsement...right.)

(I generated this post because I still can't get a comment past your devilishly mean censor, but I can do a trackback...GRIN)

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