Sunday, October 02, 2005

Former Gubernatorial Candidate Running For Henry County School Board

Sue Harris DeBauche is currently running for a seat on the Henry County School Board from the Blackberry District.

Yes, that Sue Harris DeBauche. Reform Party candidate for Governor in 1997. The Sue Harris DeBauche that created the televised brawl in Nashville, TN. The one who attempted to hijack the Reform Party and jettison Pat Buchanan. The same Sue Harris DeBauche who claimed to have a bachelor's degree in business management from The University of California at Irvine. (The University of California at Irvine does not offer that degree, and maintains that there is no record of a Sue DeBauche or Nellie Sue Harris, her maiden name, ever attending that school.)The Sue Harris DeBauche that when "Googled" returns 327 hits, the majority of which appear to be concerning various lawsuits.

I have no idea how well her campaign is faring. I also don't know how well organized her campaign is. I just pray that the people of the northwest section of Henry County that comprises the Blackberry District are intelligent enough to pass her by in favor of either of her two opponents, Rudy Law and Todd Norman.

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