Saturday, October 29, 2005

Endorsements From The Roanoke Times -House races: Nutter Keister, Shuler

As reported earlier, The Roanoke Times began endorsing candidates today.

The Times Editorial Board had little to agonize over on the choices available in the 7th District.
Moderate incumbent Republican Dave Nutter gets the nod over former ally Barbara Chrisley, a former Republican running this time as a Democrat. The choice here was essentially a Republican incumbent or an ex-Republican, unproven as a Democrat. Couple that with the fact that Nutter was a supporter of the Warner authored 2004 tax increase and also a vocal critic of the "profound transportation problem" that the Times expends quite a few gallons of ink on, and Nutter becomes a slam dunk in the Times Offices.

Their work was even easier in the 6th District race.
Forced to choose between the Democrat incumbent and an equally qualified Republican, again the Editorial Board chose the incumbent. For the record, I had predicted this would be the race that would allow the Board to "prove the rule" by exception. I missed it, they went for the Democrat instead of Ms. Crockett-Stark.

The 12th District contest was a cakewalk for our dedicated, hardworking Editorial Board.
Seriously, Jim Shuler, a 6 term Democrat against an independent? And that independent, Donnie Kern, being a Senior at Radford University? I doubt that there was much sweat expended in the conference room over this choice.

I'm sure there will be some races where the Editorial Board will have a tougher choice than these, but I still doubt that it is the objective, non-partisan, and un-biased struggle that Wendy Zomparelli has described.

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