Friday, October 28, 2005

Virginian-Pilot Cites Virginia Blogs Role In 2005 Election

Mike Gruss has an article today regarding the impact (or lack thereof) some Virginia Bloggers are having on this years local and statewide elections.
If you don’t like this story, with its attempt at balance and lack of ideological leanings, that’s fine.

After all, it was written and edited by the MSM. (For newbies out there, that’s Mainstream Media.) Instead, read about the governor’s race online. Go ahead. We even provided links with this article.

This year, dozens of Virginia’s political junkies, eager to make their opinions known, have taken advantage of easy Internet publishing tools and tried their hand at Web logs -– commonly known as “blogs.”
Featured prominately are three guys who can be found on the left side of my blog, and the right side of everything else. J.R. from Bearing Drift, Chad Dotson from Commonwealth Conservative, and Ben and his unnamed cohorts from Not Larry Sabato. (Well, two of them are on the right, anyway.)

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