Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sunday Evening, Time To Reflect On A Busy Week

It has been an extremely full week (to which Kilo added even more to occupy my mind, I was glad to read your first post-accident post this afternoon, K ).

I started my largest motor this week. It's a 1000 horsepower, 2300 volt monster. Roughly the size of a Volkwagen Beetle, but three times as heavy. (I posted earlier on the trials I had with a field representative from the company that built the control system for this motor.) After working the bugs out of that control system, I was able to start it only once. Thereafter, every time I attempted to apply voltage to the transformer that feeds it, the entire plant would go dark. Not too good...

The problem was eventually traced to a faulty device on AEP's incoming 35,000 volt line. We bypassed it, and I have been happily running the monster since Wednesday.

I have started writing/editing the software that will ultimately control the press line. This is going to be tough, and on a short timetable as well.

The weekend here in the Martinsville area was chock full of great stuff to do.

The weekend started early on Thursday with a visit to the area by both Jerry Kilgore and Tim Kaine, followed on Friday with an announcement at Martinsville Speedway by Mark Warner and Elliott Sadler about the highly successful Race to GED program.
As reported by Bill Wyatt;
Governor Mark R. Warner today announced that 35,000 Virginians have earned a General Educational Development (GED) certificate since the implementation of the Race to GED program in 2003. Last year, the number of GED graduates increased by 1,400 over 2003, and this year is expected to see 2,600 additional graduates over 2004. In addition, Governor Warner also announced several enhancements to the program, which is designed to assist adults who did not complete their high school education. Governor Warner made the announcement at Martinsville Speedway, and was joined by Race to GED spokesman and NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series driver Elliott Sadler, a native of Emporia. Sadler has appeared on billboards and in television spots encouraging Virginians who have not completed high school to take advantage of the Race to GED. Sadler is in Martinsville to compete in Sunday’s Subway 500. Through Race to GED, one of Governor Warner’s Education for a Lifetime Initiatives, adults who did not complete their high school education can receive a GED in less time than in a traditional one-year program. To earn a GED credential, a candidate demonstrates competency in math, science, reading, writing, and social studies. Adult learners can take a Fast Track class and earn a GED in less than three months.
I was planning to go to the Folklife Festival at Ferrum College on Saturday, but the cloud cover and forecast changed my plans. I love the coon dog races, but would prefer that the dogs be the only ones to get wet.

I decided instead to refine my world famous Chili recipe in preparation for my church's annual Chili cookoff next Sunday evening. Man, it was good, probably the best "bowl of red" I've ever whipped up. (By the way, I am dedicated to the quest for the perfect chili recipe. Copies of my recipe are freely given, just e-mail me your favorite chili recipe to get a copy of this one. The only other requirement I have is feedback, positive or negative, after trying it.)

That brings me to Sunday. There was something going on today down south of Martinsville, near Ridgeway, judging by all the traffic I met coming from Roanoke while driving to Rocky Mount for the early service at church this morning.

Now, a nice glass of merlot, and a cigar to end the day and begin to prepare my mind for the week to come.

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