Monday, October 17, 2005

Bill Wyatt

Located at the bottom of my Virginia Blogs Links list is a gentleman named Bill Wyatt.

Mr. Wyatt owns a couple of radio outlets here in Martinsville, along with a small independent broadcast TV station. He also produces two blogs that are deliberately designed to mimic a small daily newspaper. (That explains my lead-in to his link "Martinsville Blogger And Media Person, Posing As A Daily Newspaper.") That description is not meant to be derogatory, any more than the lighthearted descriptions above it are. (For example, see the link to Hans Mast.)

If any of you from outside of Henry County have clicked on this link, I hope you have enjoyed the experience. But, I know that if you could recieve any of his broadcasts you would be even more impressed. Mr. Wyatt is an excellent extemporaneous speaker, as evidenced by his nightly "Talk of the Town" show on WYAT TV channel 40. He speaks "off the cuff" much better than he writes. I have been watching for several weeks now, and I am much more impressed by his evening show than I am by his daily news and commentary on the website.

Now, before anyone jumps to any conclusion, I KNOW I am an engineer first, and a writer second. I also know that I should be the last one to ever criticize anyones writing.

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