Sunday, October 30, 2005

I Love Chili!

It's 8:00pm and I can finally sit down and write today's first post.

I mentioned in an earlier post that my church was holding it's annual chili cook-off tonight. I made a test batch last Saturday, and "The Recipe" is about as good as it gets. For the record, I didn't win, but in "The Recipe's" defense, I have to say I feel I toned it down just a bit too much. It was very good, and the non pepper spices were perfect, but it had very little heat. I may have mis-judged my fellow church members, as this is my first year in the competition. I moved back here in the late spring, and was not even a member at this time last year. Also "The Recipe" contains no prepared chili powder, instead the "heat" is regulated by the quantity and type of fresh peppers used. This makes it somewhat difficult to regulate. The best way to regulate it is to selectively tase the Anaheim, Poblano, Seranno, and dried Chipotle peppers used, and adjust accordingly. (I again request any and all chili recipes, send me your favorite, and in exchange you will receive "The Recipe".)

This morning I went out early to pick up a few vital pieces of equipment for tonight's event.

While out I picked up the Sunday Roanoke Times, but have only now spread it's virgin pages apart. I see that they have made their Governor and Attorney General picks. I am 2 for 3 in my predictions so far. There will be a subsequent post with my thoughts on these endorsements. But I have had a long day, and for now, a short glass of fine Irish whiskey and some blog reading is in order.

See you in the next post.

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