Monday, October 17, 2005

Commonwealth Conservative States It Better Than I Have

Finally, Chad states eloquently what I have been trying to say all along.
(emphasis added)
"Kaine’s opponent, Republican candidate Jerry Kilgore says that Kaine’s current stance is “deliberately deceptive and a transparent attempt to hide his record,” listing a few reasons why that’s the case. As you might imagine, I agree. “In the first place, we elect Governors to reflect our values. Secondly, declaring an immediate moratorium on the death penalty is within the law. Thirdly, the law of Virginia allows the governor without reason or explanation to, on a “case by case” basis, implement a moratorium on the Death Penalty."
This trumps the bogus comparisons being made by Kaine supporters to Kilgore's opposition to abortion. The Virginia Constitution BINDS Kilgore to either defer to the General Assembly or Veto it's actions. The same Constitution actually FREES Kaine to effectively and unilaterally end executions during his term. No GA oversight, no Judicial reversal, and as Virgina's Governor is limited to one term, no Statewide political repercussions.

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