Sunday, November 06, 2005

As Promised, My Picks For Lt. Gov And Atty. Gen

First, for Lt. Governor;
Senator William “Bill” Bolling.

Let me start by saying Ms. Byrne and I have something in common. We both have a connection with the state of Utah, she was born in Salt Lake City, and 14 years later I was born in nearby Ogden. (Hey, Dad was in the Air Force, stationed at Hill AFB. If I had been consulted I would have chosen Henry County.)

Our similarity ends with that lone connection. Ms. Byrne is liberal to the point of being near radical. She was heavily involved in Howard Dean’s lunatic Presidential campaign. She is vocally pro-abortion. She is anti-Second Amendment. In short, she is all that most Virginians are not.

Bill Bolling also is not a native Virginian, being from West Virginia. But otherwise he is a solid Conservative choice for Virginians. He has served Virginia well as Senator from the 4th District.

And now, Attorney General;
Bob McDonnell.

This one was a bit harder for me to pick. The Editorial Board almost came to blows in debating the Attorney General choice. I finally made an executive decision and decreed that Creigh Deeds could not be trusted. It’s true. If “Creigh Deeds” does not rhyme with “Weigh Weeds” then nothing else he says can be believed.

That was satire. Seriously, Deeds is a very good candidate, but my choice for McDonnell hinged primarily on his support for and cooperation with Kilgore and Bolling to take a strong stand on eminent domain reform in the Commonwealth.

The issue of the Kilo v City of New London ranks very high with me. Here in Henry County, with the economic situation as it now stands, a local Board of Supervisors could easily be lured into a similar condemnation situation. Taking property via eminent domain should never be used for purely economic benefit. Especially if such taking is for the benefit of a private developer or company. As the law now stands, Virginians are vulnerable to just such an action.

If you’ve spent much time on this blog you may have noticed the link in the left sidebar to a letter from Senator Roscoe Reynolds. Mr. Reynolds thinks the Kilo decision was no big deal. He even writes that it couldn’t even affect Virginia, since it was a Supreme Court decision.

With representation like that, we here in Henry and Patrick County need all the help we can get from the leadership in Richmond.

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