Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Rules Are "Flexible" On Campbel Ave

Today's leading editorial calls for the firing of Carl Rove, mainly because his counterpart on the Vice President's staff has been indicted. Not convicted, indicted. Not Carl Rove himself. Someone who held a similar position.
From Roanoke Times 11/1/05;
A president who prizes loyalty and personal relationships above all else, Bush is even more prone to the suffocating insularity that often plagues second-term presidents.

It won't be easy for him to shake things out. But he should. He should fire Rove, put Cheney -- who was implicated, but not charged, in the indictment -- on a short leash and bring in untainted advisers with a fresh perspective.

And far less penchant for deception.
Just three days ago, however, The Roanoke Times endorsed a candidate for Sherrif who is facing very credible charges in a Federal sexual discrimination lawsuit.

Of course George McMillan, Roanoke Sherrif and incumbent candidate, is a Democrat. That would seem to me to be the major difference.

From Wendy's pompous commentary explaining the endorsement process;
Our endorsements aren't blithe accolades. Everyone has weaknesses, and we try to make it clear to voters both what they will and won't get from the candidates we think are best. In some races, when no candidate offers real leadership, we don't endorse at all.
This would seem to me to have been one of those occasions for no endorsement at all. As it stands, it merely looks like the bias Ms. Zomparelli claims exists only in the mind of the reader.

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