Monday, November 28, 2005

The Civil Wrongs Of The Roanoke Times, Redux

I have decided that this morning's post concerning The Roanoke Times' disturbing tendency to omit pertinent information in their editorials deserves revisiting.

By blatantly omitting pertinent facts in the writings appearing on the editorial page, whether penned by you Tommy or not, as Editor you are condoning this practice. Wendy, if, as Publisher you condone this practice on your editorial pages, how can we be certain you do not condone it in the news sections? Can we be certain that what we read in the rest of the paper contains all the information available to the reporter?

WARNING: The following will be construed by some to be extremely politically incorrect. Bear with me and read it all and you will see that there is no intention to disparage anyone other than the two subjects of this note.

Consider these two terms;
Stupid; adj.
1. Slow to learn or understand; obtuse
2.Marked by a lack of intelligence or care

Ignorant; adj.
1. Lacking education or knowledge.
2. Showing or arising from a lack of education or knowledge: an ignorant mistake.
3. Unaware or uninformed.

There is a marked difference in these two conditions. One is understandable, excusable, even worthy of concern and community help where possible. The other is almost always inexcusable for it can be easily cured by education and or seeking to learn. The only thing less excusable than ignorance is the deliberate attempt to foster it.

Wendy Zomparelli and Tommy Denton, I have said on several occasions that you are doing your readers a grave disservice in refusing even to admit, not to mention attenuate, your extreme leftward bias and obvious hatred for George W. Bush. After considering today's editorial I have concluded the two of you are guilty of much worse. You are contributing to the ignorance of those in your community. The primary purpose of a newspaper is to educate the readers in it's community. By deliberately omitting and obscuring facts you are attempting to create an ignorant readership. And it seems you are doing this for the basest of reasons, pure hatred. Yes, that emotion you are so quick to attribute to conservatives, it seems you harbor more than your share yourselves.

Where does this hatred come from? Tommy, could it be left over from the time you spent in the employ of Lloyd Bentsen? Did that time period leave you with such a volatile bile for the Bush Family? As to Wendy, I have no idea, unless it is just hatred of anyone and anything that purports to be as compassionate and caring and enlightened as she. So, how about it Wendy, don't we all deserve to be enlightened? Or would that ruin your self esteem, to know that others in Southwest Virginia are as enlightened and compassionate as you? Or are you so insecure in that enlightenment that you can't bear to share all the facts with your readers?

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