Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Help Me Jog My Memory

I admit it. Time (and a somewhat misspent youth) has diminished my memory. But does anyone remember the ACLU or another liberal organization suing a school board because of a requirement of parental notification before administering aspirin?

Maybe they sued The Piercing Hut or some such shop because they require parental permission before piercing the ears of a minor. No?

Then maybe they joined another group in support of such a suit. No again, you say?

OK, then how can this case be about constitutionally guaranteed rights if the previous examples are not? And if instead it is, then why has not some liberal group brought such a suit?

The answer, when looked at in this logical manner is pretty obvious. Keeping abortion law out of the State Legislatures and maintaining a "Constitutional right" to such a procedure is more important to the ACLU than their often stated "health and well-being" and "concerns for privacy" of the female in question. Their stated concerns for upholding the Constitution also go right out the window when their actions are viewed in this light.

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