Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Wednesday Evening

I've been silent here since Sunday's Carnival post.

I "hit the ground running" on Monday morning and finally have some time to just sit back and relax. I'll be off tomorrow for Thanksgiving of course, but then it's back to it on Friday and Saturday. Since Monday morning I have actually sat at my desk for a total of 20 minutes. Maybe.

The good news is we have all machinery and equipment up and running at the fiberboard plant. The bad news is it does not all work in unison. Yet. Small steps get us further along each day. I love it when a small "tweak" to my code gets two machines working as a unit instead of mechanically clashing like giant steel NWA wrestlers.

We recieved our first load of wood shavings last week and I plan to begin processing that load Friday morning. By Monday morning we should be able to move that product to the pressline and actually produce our first board sometime Monday.

We have new employees showing up every day. Some training is beginning, along with OSHA safety training. The place is beginning to look less like a construction site and more like a manufacturing plant.

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