Saturday, November 05, 2005

Briefly Put...

Sometimes I get a little "brain hiccup" and the idea for a short post occurs to me. I have decided to act upon these at the time they occur, else I tend to forget and they never get posted. This is one such hiccup.

I'm going to steal the name for this recurring item from the Roanoke Times. I feel justified in this blatant thievery because they have convinced me theirs should instead be named "Briefly Thought..."

While doing some research and writing an article that will be an accompanyment to this story from Jerry I was reminded of a past Christmas Bonus I recieved.

Once upon a time I was working as an electrican for a company that must remain nameless. The owner at the time I was employed there is deceased now, and I see no point in naming him since I considered him then, as now, a very good man. (Just really tight.) Anyway, a few weeks before Christmas one year I noticed a $25.00 addition to my weekly paycheck. Cool, I thought, but what is this? I went to the office manager and asked and was told that it was my Christmas Bonus. OK, not much, but still, it WAS a bonus so I was happy. A couple of weeks later upon opening my pay envelope I noticed a $25.00 deduction. I again went to the office manager to ask for an explanation. "Oh", she said, "that's for Bill and Mary's (the owners, but not their real names) Christmas gifts".

Somehow that's not what I envisioned when I first heard "What the Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away".

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