Monday, November 07, 2005

Local Turnout Predicted At 35-60 Percent

If the local Registrars are correct in their predictions, the 10th District will be even closer than I had originally predicted. With the possible result of sending David Young over the top.

Henry County Registrar Elizabeth Stone is looking for a average turnout at 49% while Ercell Cowan, Martinsville City Registrar foresees only a 35% participation.

The big news is that Patrick County Registrar Dianna Vipperman, citing a contested Board of Supervisors race in the Dan River District predicts a 60% turnout.

Ward Armstrong is highly unlikely to carry Patrick County or Carroll County. With the City turnout being negligible Ward will have to look to Henry County to pick up the slack. If Kilgore does as well in Henry County as I expect, Ward will be a full time litigator in 2006.

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