Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Tommy Adds New Lines To Same Tired Editorial

Tommy Denton is still beating his dead "Bush Lied" horse. Only now it's our fault for intimidating the Democrats in the House and Senate when it was time for them to vote on the resolution authorizing war in Iraq.
The prewar buildup of impending doom took place during the midterm elections when members of Congress could not risk appearing soft on potential terrorism while the nation was still gripped in the shadow of Sept. 11.

Many Democrats, cowed by the fear they would be perceived as less than patriotic, didn't probe too deeply, trusted the president's word and acquiesced to his hurried demands for war powers.

OK, Tommy, if that's your main argument, tell us who "cowed" these foreign leaders. Were they also scared of the voters like you suggest your Democrat compadres were?
French Foreign Minister Dominique De Villepin:
Right now, our attention has to be focused as a priority on the biological and chemical domains. It is there that our presumptions about Iraq are the most significant. Regarding the chemical domain, we have evidence of its capacity to produce VX And Yperite. In the biological domain, the evidence suggests the possible possession of significant stocks of anthrax and botulism toxin, and possibly a production capability." (United Nations Security Council, 4701st Meeting, New York, 2/5/03)

And this guy,
German Ambassador To The United States Wolfgang Ischinger:
I think all of our Governments believe that Iraq has produced weapons of mass destruction and that we have to assume that they still have that they continue to have weapons of mass destruction. we have not yet seen evidence produced by the inspectors.
(NBC's "Today," 2/26/03)

Tommy, you can argue that your Democrat heroes should have investigated further, or you can complain that their staffs did not search the records deeply enough. But you have only them to blame for not seeing then what you claim to see so clearly today.

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