Tuesday, November 08, 2005

My Thoughts On Tonights Results

OK, I'm happy with some, disappointed with others.
Lt. Governor___Happy
Attorney General____Happy, I think.
Governor____I'll abide by Waldo's guidelines.

Henry County local;
School Board____happy
City Commonwealth Attorney___I can live with it.
Collinsville Board of Supervisors ____Amazed.
10th District, House____I've lived 14 years with that idiot, another two won't kill me.
Blackberry School Board___happy.

All in all, an acceptable outcome. I would have preferred Kilgore had ran a better campaign. He hurt himself I believe with the emphasis on the death penalty. Other than that, I feel he ran a good campaign. No, I do not believe that last night's visit with Bush made an iota of difference.

I get up each morning at 4:00am. I will update all results at that time. Good night all.

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