Saturday, November 19, 2005

Wow! What power! I ask for it, I get it.

Was I precient, or was it inevitable after all the demogoguery?

FYI, Congressman Murtha voted against immediate troop removal, after he quoted for it.
Tommy and Company at the Roanoke Times would just as soon you forget this quote from last Saturday's editorial regarding the wisdom of John McCaine;
But to withdraw now courts disaster by leaving Iraq to fall into a fully engaged civil war, vulnerable to its terrorist-sponsoring neighbors, Syria and Iran...
To cut and run is to invite a "jihad wave."
Instead you should now refer to this quote from today's (Saturday) editorial;
Before Thursday, Murtha's name and influence weren't well known outside Pennsylvania or Washington, D.C., where it is legendary. He might not carry the name recognition of Sen. John McCain, but he is McCain's peer when it comes to military service and knowledge of national defense.
The RT continues with;
Murtha's dramatic assessment coincides with the Senate resolution demanding that Bush develop an exit strategy.

Congress is finally doing what it failed to do three years ago before foolishly ceding the power to declare war. Members, finally, are questioning the validity and prosecution of a mismanaged military campaign that has unnecessarily put troops in harm's way.
Jerry has taken a slightly different tack on this Roanoke Time internal conflict.

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