Thursday, November 17, 2005

Once Again, Sparse Posting...

We are getting down to "crunch time" at the new plant in Stuart. I will strive to place at least one post per day here, but even that will take some major effort on my part.

I am in that part of the project that requires me to be in every part of the plant at all times. A physical impossibility, but still it must be done.

I justify it all with two statements.

One; This has always been my favorite part of a major project. I love a challenge and this part of a project is the ultimate challenge. To bring together the efforts of all my electrical guys and make their contributions work in union with the results of the work of their mechanical counterparts.

Two; I know that when I have completed my contribution to this overall effort, I will have contributed in some small way to the employment of at least 50 of my fellow Southwest Virginians, with more employment opportunities to come in the following weeks and months.

PS: Hey Kilo, come on over to the morning side of the mountains and apply to run the QC lab here. Hey, it could work, no?

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