Saturday, November 05, 2005

My Ego-Dorsements

As promised, here are my endorsements for Tuesday's election;

First, the statewide offices.
  • For Governor I endorse Jerry Kilgore.
My reasons here are many, but I base it primarily on two items, fiscal responsibility and law enforcement. Kilgore was inaugurated into Virginia politics as the Secretary of Public Safety under George Allen's administration. There he led the way in parole reform and juvenile justice reform. It is obvious from Jerry Kilgore's biography that he came into statewide politics by way of being truly concerned with the state of the State.

By comparison, Tim Kaine got into Virginia Politics in a calculated way. The son-in-law of former Governor Linwood Holton, and non-native Virginian, Kaine has taken the predictable route of Councilman, Mayor, second tier candidate.

His performance as Mayor of Richmond is one of my major objections. I will never accept a candidate that uses taxpayer monies to fund a protest expidition. I don't care what the cause, or how noble the effort. Taxpayer money should never be used in such manner. Tim Kaine attempted just such a scam on Richmond's taxpayers, but was caught before he could realize his goal.

Jerry Kilgore has been consistent throughout his political career. Mr. Kaine, on the other hand, would have us believe that while he is morally against capital punishment he would "follow the law" and carry out any death penalties imposed during his watch. What he doesn't tell you is that he could "follow the law" and effectively eliminate the death penalty during his tenure. As Governor he can commute any or all death penalty warrants that cross his desk. He has been on record as being against the death penaly as matter of policy, but now wants you to believe it is merely a "pesky little religious objection".

Next Post, Lt. Governor.

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