Sunday, November 06, 2005

Now For A Serious Endorsement.

10th District House of Delegates;
David Young

Ward Armstrong has represented Henry County for 14 years. Fourteen Years.

I’ll begin by listing his accomplishments and successes in improving the economic climate of Henry, Patrick, and Carroll Counties.

Sure, he’s passed a lot of resolutions. But if you go back and check, most were like this one. His lack of concrete accomplishments may be why his ad campaign consists of attacks on Mr. Young.

Ward, who voted for the Warner, Kaine “Budget Reform” (AKA the largest tax increase in the history of Virginia), even goes so far as to claim that Young will raise taxes. He bases this on the fact that Young did support a meals tax in Patrick County. But to be fair, a meals tax typically hits non-residents in a rural area such as Patrick much harder than it does residents.

He is well known outside of this area as a sophomoric cut-up while he should be doing our serious business. The Martinsville Bulletin rarely prints a story that is not flattering, so most of his constituents may not be aware of his “joke” at the expense of Sen. Jeannemarie Devolites Davis. On the House floor Armstrong, using a voice characterization reminiscent of Bill Clinton, made a reference to a legislative basketball game. In the reference he said that Ms. Davis would be his team’s center and was coming over to his house later to “review the playbook”. Ok, that was bad, but later that evening he reffered to her again saying “she’s no Monica Lewinsky, but she can be taught”.

Mr. Young has served Patrick County soberly and seriously for more than 30 years. First as a teacher in the Patrick County Public School system, and currently sits on the Board of Supervisors for the County.

This will be a close race, maybe the best "edge of the chair" contest on Tuesday night. Ward has only been opposed once in this newly reconfigured district, and he won with 53%. That looks good until you look closer. In 2001 he was opposed by a relatively weak opponent and had strong backing in the Patrick and Carroll County areas from Barnie Day, yet he lost big in Patrick County and even more so in Carroll. Back then he handily carried Henry County, but times have changed. Ward has little to show for his time in Richmond and people here in Henry County are grumbling about him.

Voters in the 10th District have a unique opportunity. With one pull of the lever they can send Ward back into full time law practice and send a message to Roscoe Reynolds as well.

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